Piezo Ceramic Selection box

Advantages of piezo ceramic:
piezo ceramic system ,other than those already mentioned , has following extra advantages:

  • High Capabilities:
    This system can be used on most jacquards such as card controlled standard vicenzi jacquards as wells as paper controlled verdol jacquards. This system can also be installed on double acting and 3 position Jacquards working at high speed. Since this system is capable of working at high speed it can be installed on all mechanical type jacquards used on ribbon, curtain, blanket, towel, velvet and upholstery weaving machines. Such as : Staubli, Verdol, Grosse, Bobbio,Schleicher etc.

  • Easy Maintenance:
    In case of any problem, the whole cassette can be changed and the old one repaired.

  • Easy assembly and startup:
    piezo ceramic system has smaller mass and working parts compares with solenoid system. Therefore its installment and operation is much easier.


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